The Directory can be searched by a poet’s last name, genre, topic, title, or type of performance. Each poet listed has an information page that includes information about them, samples of their work, and many have recordings of the work being read aloud.

  • A brochure, a prospectus, with the right poem, as opening statement or end note, sets a special tone.
  • Billboard communications using rhyme can linger.
  • After dinner events, retirement dos, fundraisers, political rallies, can all be marked out as special and unique through bespoke poetry.
  • Poetry for weddings, funerals, births, birthdays and anniversaries lasts long beyond the day.

Poets observe, hear, taste, smell and feel the world like anyone else, and then re-express that through the filter of their own creative imaginations, often revealing a new understanding of what has always been there.

The Directory is currently being prepared and will hopefully be live in June 2022. As we build this resource we invite poets to email us to develop their profile. Soon we will be able to develop a generic form.